A weekend in Singapore

A clean and green city in the Far East. Remarkable buildings and modern facilities. As soon as you step into Changi Airport (one of the top airport in the world), you’ll know that you are in an adventure. Come and stay at the Marina Bay Hotel and spend a day soaking at the infinity pool atop the tower. Its an experience you wouldnt want to miss.

Siena, Italy

When in Tuscany, plan on visiting Siena. This medieval town is rich in architectural marvels. The fan shaped central square, Piazza del Campo, is the site of Palazzo Pubblico, the Gothic Town Hall and Torre del Mangia. Armed with an action camera – I took a motion time-lapse to record my visit at the Piazza del Campo, where the famous Palio (horse race) is held twice a year.

Have Uber – Will Travel

When travelling to distant places, specially here in the US, normally, we will arrange a car rental in order for us to drive ourselves to our hotel or wherever destination we set. Nowadays, thanks to Uber, we can forget about the costly car rental – just download the app and type in an address, and there you go, within minutes, Uber will drive you to your hotel and to other major destinations that they serve.

We hear of people who travelled in Europe and used Uber to wander around several towns. A local Uber driver, dealing with a newcomer, gladly toured them and became their impromptu tourist guide. Most major cities have  Uber cabs – it is nice to know that there are rideshare services when you need them. Now, we don’t need to worry about parking fees, pesky road regulations that you might not even understand or the worries that someone might vandalized your rental. Uber or any other ridesharing companies in particular are a relief to tourists who just wants to roam around freely.

Ridesharing has gone a long way. In fact, it revolutionized how people travel. It opened up gateways to places where only vehicle owners trek. Perhaps its about time – with too much focus on major touristy places, why not grab an Uber and enjoy the ride.

Next time you plan to travel – have Uber and enjoy your travels.

When In Cancun – XEL-HA

Xel-ha (pronounced “shell-haa”) is a wonderful ecological theme park about an hour away from downtown Cancun. We were treated to an array of water activities like snorkeling, cliff jumping, lazy river among many others. There were several bars and restaurants in the area where you just have to hop in and relax after a few activities. The site is well maintained, lockers are abound and staff are very friendly.

If you are in Cancun, spend a day at Xel-ha – swim at the clear river and zipbike your way around the vast ecological compound.

One more thing – be prepared to walk a lot. It’s good exercise.

Day Trip To Chichen Itza

If your plans brings you to Cancun, this will not be complete without a trip to Chichen Itza – a 2.5 hour drive south of the Yucatan Peninsula. There you would marvel at the ruins of ancient Mayan civilization. We are still enjoying our mini vacation in Cancun as of this writing. But here it is sharing. couple of still shots from the trip.

Half A Day In Niagara Falls

We left Virginia one Thursday in October.  The seven plus hour trip brought us to some of the most scenic country back roads – passing through winding forests with fall leaves colors almost at its peak.

Upon entering Canada via Peace Bridge, not so many people are coming – its mid week and expectedly, the traffic was really light. A really wonderful day to enjoy the sights and scenery that your eye can capture by just driving leisurely along Canada’s QBE.

At the top of Niagara Falls in all its spledor – nothing else compares to the magnificent sight of nature. We can spend endless hours just watching the water falls and capture the moments as they enfold.

Maybe twenty years down the road, when all the leaves have dried, water will still be cascading from the wonder of the world called Niagara Falls.