About What

Sitting in an office, staring at a computer monitor for 8 hours or so, answering questions from your office mates – that’s the kind of life we have. It sure seems very mundial and “BORING” , but it’s the job that puts food on the table, get us to where we want to go and provides the basic intake your brain needs.

Being located in one of the most sought after destination in the world has its ups and downs. Everytime people ask me where I work, they will ask – are you guys close to the White House? The up side is when you are able to meet friends and relatives who you can relate and proudly show them around. The down side is when they leave, you will be back banging your head in front of the computer once again.

Travel blogging is a great respite from that routine. It gives us pleasure to share our experiences that hopefully travellers will able to pick up tips and tricks on where and how to go to any particular destination.

So come on and browse and enjoy the images we took as we explore modern marvels. Traveling and visiting other places shoud be a part of your life goals. Its a passion that will build as you begin to see that indeed, this is not a small world after all.