Right Hand Drive

You sit there as if you are driving, but you are not. You are the passenger.

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All your life, you have been taught to drive on left. When you cross the street, you look to the left, then to your right. In some countries, it is the other way around. And it’s a little weird at first. Imagine yourself hailing a cab and opening the door and you are surprised that the driver is there. Can’t blame you, I fell into that trap several times in Hongkong, Singapore, Japan, and then in London.

I felt like I am in a different world – the approach to the terminal is different, the left turn is the right turn and the right turn is the left turn. Confused? So was I. But I got along – it just takes some immersion.

After a while, maybe in a couple of days, if you are always riding with someone, it will slowly sink in and soon you will find yourself driving a right hand vehicle. Just watch where you’re going.

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